Iterative Development

As the web becomes user focused and client friendly, the question of "what" turns into a question of "why"? Why are users clicking this link rather than that link? Why do the features of this product entice customers more than the features of that product? Asking "why" affords us a level of clairvoyance and objectivity to determine the best course of action. Asking "why" every step of the helps us arrive at cost effective solutions that are rooted in common sense. Our workflow, from conceptualization to implementation, is a dialogue, and we couple cross examined data with our own expertise to justify our decision-making. Why would you do it any other way?

Data Driven Knowledge

Automation requires the concept of creative thinking applied to data in order to extract meaning from it. Our goal is first and foremost to utilize data in order to make decisions on what to build. We look to metrics of the past as often as possible, and we are constantly attempting to find ways to collect and use data for economic and community growth.

Simple and Lean

PRC set out to do things the right way, mostly because we'd been seeing things done the wrong way for so long. The fact is that web solutions isn't about finding the most expensive and complicated solution and throwing every exhaustible resource at it. Most times the most effective changes are brought about by a physical process being supported by a technical automation. This means that identifying the problem becomes the most important aspect of the project. Non-technical knowledge and creativity are just as important as implementation expertise with the projects we do.

Efficient Workflow System

We believe that finding the right person for the job benefits everyone. When the correct expertise is identified and applied, projects are done faster, cheaper, and of higher quality. In our experience, when tasks are intelligently delegated the work is also more enjoyable. Part of our job is to find the best channels through which to flow your projects, this keeps our overhead low and our quality standards up.

Good, fast, AND cheap? Oh my!

We love talking about this stuff! For more information about how we do things differently, get in touch.