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The "Digital Resilience" Plan

PRC Applications is helping local businesses put their digital strategy to work. We'll help you grow your online sales and connect with your customers — so you can stay open, even when you're closed.

Learn how digital resilience can transform your business

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Small businesses are facing big challenges

Down, but not out.

Doing the right thing is not always easy. 

And right now businesses are doing the right thing by distancing themselves from their customers. This can make running a business hard — without the right strategy, customer relationships become dormant, and sales decline.

Build your digital resilience

Get back to what you love

It doesn’t have to work this way! Imagine staying open for business no matter what challenges may come; all while focusing on what you do best — helping your customers find a product they’ll love.

Now is the time to start making your online store a core part of your business. This means evolving your digital strategy, getting creative, and building strength through flexibility.

Connect with customers

Be together from afar

Let’s build an online experience that shows your customers you care.

We’ll help you craft a unique shopping experience that reflects the expertise and knowledge you provide to customers at your retail location. We make sure your visual identity is “just right” and use tools like live chat to bridge the physical divide. Best of all — many online stores can launch in less than 2 weeks.

Bring it all together

Get your groove back

Your customers are out there — it’s time to reconnect.

Your online store should express the soul, wit, and personality that keeps your customers coming back to your business time and time again.

We’ll help you get there with some simple strategies and powerful tools.

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We can help you draw up your next play

We’ve teamed up with with Mountain BizWorks to share the knowledge we’ve gained building hundreds of online stores.

Mountain BizWorks is helping businesses recover with customized business coaching. As coaches, PRC Applications owners Patrick Conant and Jesse Michel are working one-on-one with local business owners to craft sensible digital strategies.

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