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We Love Shopify, and You Will, Too

Building an online store used to be an expensive, complicated affair. We’ve built web software on a number of different platforms and we’ve become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each.

We began working with Shopify in 2013 to fulfill our clients’ eCommerce needs, and since then we’ve refined our skills as we launched dozens of stores.

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The reason we love Shopify is simple: it makes our clients happy. Shopify offers a wide array of well-built features that will take your eCommerce project from an idea to reality for the lowest cost and the smallest amount of time.

As official Shopify Partners, we are able to offer you a free, unlimited trial so you can see for yourself how the Shopify platform can support your business.

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Below are a few of the many features that will help you build a comprehensive sales strategy to take your products to market:

Monetize your Social Media

Shopify offers out-of-the-box sales channels for Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping, and more. Previously, all of these integrations had to be custom developed, which was costly and time consuming. With Shopify, you’re given the ability from the get-go to publish your products to multiple sales channels. This will help you easily integrate social media to promote your products, build an audience, and increase customer retention and engagement.

Perfect the Customer Experience

All Shopify themes are customizable from top to bottom. This means that we can give you and your customers the exact experience you desire. With Shopify, there are very few limitations to what can be achieved in terms of layout, design, and functionality. We’ve built themes that completely customize the existing structure to tailor the shop to our clients’ exact needs. Using Shopify’s liquid templating language, these customizations can be performed at a fraction of the cost of typical theme development.

No Headaches

Shopify takes care of the hosting and eCommerce for you. You can get your site off the ground in a matter of minutes. Previously, building an online store meant you had to set up hosting, retrieve an SSL certificate, and ensure that your customer’s data was secure. Shopify handles all of these concerns for you, using tried and true checkout designs and the latest technology. So you can focus on giving your customers a great shopping experience.

Simple and Intuitive

Our clients love Shopify because it’s easy to use. The admin panels have been carefully crafted to offer you all of tools you’ll need to manage your products, customers, orders, and inventory. The themes are customizable with a few clicks.

Be Empowered

Need a setting in the theme? We can add that. Shopify is built to allow us to give you control. So if you need a customization, an update, or a change, we can offer you and your team the tools to make it happen with no involvement from us.

Community is Key

Shopify has an amazing community of developers, designers, and application publishers. So if there is a question about your shop, often times it’s already been answered and can quickly be found. If it hasn’t been answered, ask a question on the forums, and you’ll typically get a response within a day.

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Applicable Applications

Shopify offers a robust application marketplace, and since they have a stringent approval process, you can rest assured that any app you install will be of the highest quality functionality and design. Whether you need an app to increase conversions, automate shipping, set up discounts, or create better customer outreach, you’ll find awesome functionality that’s ready to go in minutes.

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Extend, Expand, Enterprise

Shopify offers an API to interact with your Shop’s data in custom ways. They also offer an SDK to allow us to easily publish a native applications for your shop. Previously, involved a lengthy and costly integration process. With Shopify, we can develop and publish native applications quicker than ever before. So if you require functionality that’s specific to your shop, we can almost always add it with a custom application, integration, or script, it’s really that simple.

Beautiful, Out of the Box

Head over to the Shopify theme store to experience the best that the web has to offer. Modern, clean, and customizable designs are literally at your fingertips. Although we can perform customizations to any extent, these designs look beautiful the minute they’re installed. Like the app store, Shopify has a strict approval process for themes, so any theme you install will work and look great. It’s how the web is supposed to be.

Check out the Shopify Theme Store

The Gateway to Success

Shopify supports all of the world’s top gateways. So whether you’re selling through PayPal, Stripe, or even Apple Pay, you’re covered, and your customers will love you for it.

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