About Us

Learn about our humble beginnings, the core values that guide everything we do, and meet our all-star team.

Est. 2013 — Small team, big dreams

The PRC Story

We help mission-driven organizations and eCommerce businesses develop online experiences that delight their customers. Founded in 2013 in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, PRC Applications is a community-focused business that offers a “uniquely different” take on the digital agency. 

Our small team is highly specialized, and we offer just the services we’re exceptional at delivering. We build websites with heart, creativity, and a playful vibe, and we pay close attention to even the smallest details. We strive to develop long-term relationships with companies and organizations that make a positive impact on the world. 

After more than a decade in business, our team remains evolution oriented and efficiency driven, allowing us to adapt to the specific needs of your business and deliver value on every project. We’ve seen how the world of web development works, and we’re trying to create something new and refreshing – something that changes the way you see your technical team and the role they play in your business


What Matters Most

Our Core Values

Our existence in the field of web development and eCommerce is intentional, and we’re really passionate about what we do! We know we have something special to offer our clients and community, and we love getting to do good work with good people. Here’s the full list of Core Values that guide our team each day:

Mission Driven

We believe that success is defined by more than financial goals. Taking care of our team, our community, and our planet is what it’s all about! We love working with clients who share our mission-driven focus.

Highly Specialized

We’re not a “one-stop shop” – we’re a highly specialized team that offers just the services we’re exceptional at delivering. For needs outside our areas of expertise, we work well with other firms to produce top-notch digital strategies for our clients and their customers.

Small = Fast

We’re evolution oriented and efficiency driven. As a close-knit team of talented professionals, we’re able to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology without breaking a sweat. Our small team size provides the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your business.


We care deeply about the work we produce and pay close attention to even the smallest details. Keeping things high quality is just how we roll! Our team works collaboratively to be responsive, reliable, and dependable every step of the way.

Local Focused

We love local! Since day one, we’ve dedicated more than 20% of our team’s time toward community projects. From our neighborhood to yours, we build relationships with companies that understand the importance of buying local and supporting their communities.

Creative + Fun

We build websites with heart, creativity, and a playful vibe to delight our clients – and we have a lot of fun doing it! You’ll find that we’re easy to work with, and are as chill as we are professional.

Hi, howdy, hey!

Meet Our Team

Patrick Conant

Developer Extraordinare

Patrick has over 25 years of programming experience, but his greatest strength is understanding the needs of clients and designing creative solutions to complex problems. Patrick advocates for increased transparency and public participation in the work of local government. Outside of work, you can find him tending to his sourdough starter, walking around West Asheville, or chilling with his two cats (Kaya + Luna). 

Lauren Showfety

Project Conductor

Lauren is a project manager professional who keeps our team on track. Helping to ensure the quality of our work, seeing that projects are completed on time, and building long-lasting relationships with clients is her expertise. She also provides direct support and management for many of our community-focused projects. When she’s not responding to emails and checking budgets, she enjoys discovering new music, cooking, crafting, and photography.

Holden Mesk

Design Wizard

Holden is a designer, illustrator, and front-end web developer with an eye for style. He works from sunny Los Angeles, CA and represents PRC on the West Coast. From the tiny details to the big picture, he makes sure each project he’s working on gets the highest levels of ooh’s and ahh’s. When he’s not in PRC mode, he’s busy focusing on his personal art career. On the weekend you can find him at the beach, playing video games, or eating chips and salsa.

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