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Workshop Resources

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Presentation resources

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These are the resources you'll need during the workshop.
Demo Shopify Store

This is a Shopify demo store made specially for this presentation! You can log in with the following credentials:



Password: Demo123


Admin panels (Login here using the credentials above):


Customer View (preview what the store will look like to a customer as we make changes):


Presentation Link

This is the link to the October 1st Presentation — Expand your reach with Shopify:



For after the presentation

Resources to help you get started

Shopify Feature Documentation & How-tos

Products & Collections

Pages & Blogs



Discounts, Marketing, & Gift Cards

Reports & Analytics

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Overview:

Shipping and fulfillment

How to get help


Apps & Resources for Sales Strategies from this Presentation

Build Repeat Business

Anticipate Customer Needs

Customer Service

Simple Shipping



Affiliate Marketing


Sales Channels Resources

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